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doitsu hakucho te kenpo kobujutsu kyokai – G.H.T.K.A.


Welcome to my homepage.
Here you will learn a lot about my club, its history and projects, my and other people's martial arts, my friends and acquaintances, the association, training courses, championships, basic aspects and ways of thinking, ways to keep healthy, to change the lifestyle.
I consider martial arts to be a fundamental way of life and to permanently change its way of life in the long term.

My website is always incomplete because I always edit and / or add pages.

Unfortunately, I am unable to translate all pages into your language. Therefore, I ask you for leniency.


As you already noticed, I'm talking to everyone here with 'you'. Because we are all a big family whose relatives should meet at eye level.

Everything you see here is my truth, it does not necessarily have to agree with your truth or even become yours. I do not want that either. You should find out for yourself what is important and correct for you or not. If I can contribute and if it is a bad example, then I will be happy. "The Truth is a Pathless Land."

For legal questions about my internet presence, please go to this page.

Starting position

No, this is not a new style, certainly not a new system, of which there are just too many. New schools sprout up across Europe and each of them has reinvented the wheel. Then there is a teacher or rather an expert, as the only one in possession of the 32nd Dan, awarded by the very last master from Shandong (second village left and then 3x fall down), one might think there is a competition in ridicule. My maxim is that there is only one martial art and systems, styles and schools do not differ by what they teach, but by what they do not teach. Nobody considers: "The new is only the rediscovered old one." and this saying is ancient.

I practice and pass on what I myself as a field, forest & meadow carats. call. It's not even my understanding of martial arts, just an idea of ​​it.

For me martial arts means learning, repeating, learning, starting afresh, without blinders and without false ideals, without arrogance and without eyesight, without self-adulation and without amateur dictator ambitions. And I'm proud to know people who think and act the same way, usually for much longer than I try. Among these people are also the few who deserve the title of teacher and the only one (especially in Germany) the title of master. You do not read about them in relevant magazines and on their courses do not frolic hundreds of would-be Van dam, they can only be found with open eyes.

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